SBSH ContactBreeze

SBSH ContactBreeze 2.1.01

Add handy new contacts features to your PocketBreeze

SBSH ContactBreeze is an additional contacts tab for PocketBreeze which allows you to view and search your contacts directly from your Today screen!

Features of the add-on include:

  • View all your contacts on your Today screen!
  • Search your contacts using sequence or initial search!
  • Easily switch to full screen mode to search for contacts "on the fly" without using your stylus!
  • Browse through your contacts using the Pocket PC D-Pad!
  • Open and edit your contacts in your favorite PIM: Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion, or Pocket Outlook!
  • Contacts are dynamically loaded - PPC memory is only used while viewing the contacts, and then immediately released!

Additional Contacts Tab

  • ContactBreeze is an amazing new way to view your contacts at a glance on your Today screen

  • ContactBreeze is the first plug-in designed to work inside PocketBreeze

  • ContactBreeze adds a new tab on the PocketBreeze Tabs Toolbar, alongside your Calendar, Tasks, and Special Events, giving you quick access and special searching capabilities contacts from your Today screen

  • Search your contacts one of two ways using the "ABC" search bar in ContactBreeze

Search Methods

  • ContactBreeze offers two searching methods and gives you the ability to quickly toggle between them using the search toggle method button (right next to the main Contacts button).

  • Initials Search - The traditional search method for contacts used by most PIMs in the market. Tap the "ABC" search bar at the bottom of the ContactBreeze display to view contacts starting with a specific letter. Tapping the button "ABC" once will show all contacts starting with an A. Tapping it again will show all contacts starting with the letter B, and so on.

  • Sequence Search - This is a dynamic search method, used on most cell phones. Each time you press one of the letter buttons ContactBreeze will show all contacts including that letter. As you tap more letter keys, ContactBreeze will show contacts containing that sequence of letters. If you have about 500 contacts, three taps will usually reduce the list showing on the page to three or four. The selected sequence of letters is highlighted on the contact name. Most users prefer this method after trying it the first time.

Full Screen Searching

  • Tapping the ContactBreeze icon brings up the full screen mode, allowing you to search for contacts without using your stylus. The ContactBreeze icon was also designed large enough to press without a stylus.

  • Using the large keyboard you can search for contacts using your selected search method. While working in full mode the D-Pad can browse through your contacts list. Pressing the Action button - the center of your D-Pad - opens the contact detail window, a pop-up window similar to the PocketBreeze Notes pop-up. This shows all available phone numbers and e-mail addresses for that contact. Pressing it again closes the contact detail window. This allows you to navigate for contacts without using your stylus!

SBSH ContactBreeze


SBSH ContactBreeze 2.1.01